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FREKI Auto-Prevent

FREKI Auto-Prevent brings enterprise cyber-defense into a new era. The AI-powered response technology interrupts machine speed attacks without interrupting IT-operations.

By taking rapid and targeted action on the network, FREKI Auto-Prevent effectively shuts down emerging threats. FREKI guards your network 24/7 – also when your security team leaves the office.

Even advanced persistent threats and entirely novel attacks get stopped in their tracks. FREKI responds to suspicious incidents across the entire network in a matter of seconds.

Head of IT Security, Large Retail Company

The AI Fights Back


FREKI Auto-Prevent swiftly and intelligently neutralizes novel cyber-threats. Crucial to keeping pace with machine speed, stealthy, and AI-powered attacks, FREKI responds in a matter of seconds, enabling your security team to stay two steps ahead of the cyber-criminals.


Unlike legacy tools that rely on rules and signatures, FREKI Auto-prevent can act autonomously because the actions it takes are based on network intelligence delivered by MUNINN’s core AI engines.

Key Benefits

Blocks all types of attacks

From insiders to advanced persistent threats

Precise Response

Does not interrupt daily operations

Responds instantly

Stops attacks in real-time

Full Overview

Dashboard and email alerts when FREKI blocks an attack

Autonomous Response Across Your Entire Network

FREKI delivers AI-response across your entire digital business infrastructure,
providing highly adapted cyber-defense coverage of IoT devices, industrial
control systems, and on-premise environments.

FREKI’s response capabilities leverage MUNINN’s self-learning AI and fall under two general categories.

Strategic Defense Mechanisms

Leveraging strategic defense mechanisms, FREKI acts as the AI-hub of the entire security stack. Through integrations, FREKI can seamlessly add AI power to your existing defense infrastructure. In this scenario, the self-learning AI responds through firewalls, software defined networks, and network devices such as switches and routers.

Tactical Defense Mechanisms

Through tactical defense mechanisms, FREKI autonomously neutralizes attacks in seconds – without relying on third-party security tools or network devices. Each action FREKI takes leverages a highly developed understanding of the organization’s normal network behaviors, ensuring that daily business operations can continue uninterrupted.