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MUNINN AI is a self-learning technology for cyber-defense. Powered by artificial intelligence, the network sensor detects unknown attacks and insider threats at an early stage.


MUNINN AI autonomously learns and understands the unique behaviors of each device and user on the network, and the technology detects the early signs of an attack without depending on rules and signatures.


In Norse mythology, the raven Munin flies all over the world and reports important events back to the god Odin. The MUNINN network sensor sees all network activity and alerts you when an incident requires your attention.

Self-learning AI

Unsupervised machine learning

MUNINN uses AI and unsupervised machine learning to model your entire organization. Analyzing all users, devices, and IT-workflows, it independently learns what is normal for the network.


Unlike legacy tools that depend on rules and signatures, MUNINN learns from the data it gathers from your network, building a contextual understanding of your organization’s digital infrastructure. This approach enables MUNINN to see even the most advanced and stealthy cyber-attacks.


Regardless of the origin or type of attack, MUNINN sees the compromise in its earliest stages.

Key Benefits

Intelligent learning

Continuously learns your organization’s unique behavioral patterns

Full control

Visibility and network control across your digital estate, including on-premise, multi-cloud and IoT infrastructure

AI response

Autonomously identifies and responds to novel attacks

Fast deployment

Deploys in under an hour

MUNINN finds cyber threats ranging from software and network vulnerabilities, to abnormal user behavior to advanced persistent threats (APT).

Abnormal user behavior such as data breaches and exfiltration from within a network, e.g. large file transfers to a remote server

Access to a database server and other services outside normal working hours

Newly introduced services in the network, e.g. an SMTP or FTP file server

Tor activity and communication through dark nets

Botnets, malware

APT, including remote access toolkits communicating with foreign command and control entities over time

Previously unidentified threats

Total Enterprise Defense

Cyber-criminals can enter your organization through many parts of the network – through cloud services, SaaS, Email or via IoT devices.

MUNINN allows your organization to maintain a real-time overview of the entire digital estate through a single interface – enabling security teams to rapidly neutralize emerging threats regardless of where they enter your organization.