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MUNINN Industrial

MUNINN Industrial is an AI technology for defending OT-environments such as ships, factories, and power plants. The AI-powered network sensor passively learns what normal traffic patterns look like across OT, IT and Industrial IoT, enabling it to detect otherwise invisible signals of emerging cyber-threats.

The self-learning industrial network sensor is protocol agnostic and can be installed on multiple OT environments, providing full visibility and protection of the organization without interrupting industrial processes.

Our industrial control systems are absolutely essential for daily operations. MUNINN Industrial allows us to know exactly what's going on inside of our business critical OT network.

Head of Group IT, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

OT, IT and IoT in One Interface

MUNINN Industrial gives security teams an instant overview of the entire digital infrastructure, empowering them to investigate and act on cyber-threats – before they become a crisis for the organization.


MUNINN’s self-learning AI delivers a real-time, visual overview of every user, device, and controller in the network. Armed with the MUNINN Industrial network sensor, security teams stop novel threats and insiders in their tracks.

Key Benefits

MUNINN Maritime

MUNINN Maritime is an AI-technology for protecting OT- and IT-networks at sea.  The maritime network sensor passively learns the normal behaviors of each user and device onboard the vessel, enabling it to identify and neutralize potential cyber-attacks in real-time – wherever the ship is bound.


The MUNINN Maritime-sensor is protocol agnostic and can be deployed across multiple ships – providing full coverage and visibility of entire fleets without interrupting operations.

Protects Ship and Port Infrastructure

The AI-based network sensor protects shipping fleets as well as shore-based port infrastructure. Physical or virtual sensors deployed on individual ships and across entire fleets enable security teams to visualize and defend maritime OT and IT environments from the mainland.


MUNINN Maritime ingests and analyses data from OT and IT environments onboard ships (e.g. internet services, autopilot, and navigation systems). To enable real-time visibility and investigation of cyber-threats regardless of the ship’s geographic location, the maritime network sensor uses low-bandwidth satellite uplinks to relay telemetry.