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Boost your business through a partnership with wehowsky.com and offer your customers military grade cyber security systems. Wehowsky.com prepares you for the unknown cyber threats of tomorrow by monitoring computer network traffic and applying some of the world’s most advanced machine learning, fulfilling the need to detect unknown malicious behavior in real time.

A demand for new security solutions

Today’s cyber-attacks are not only targeted towards large, wealthy enterprises, but any unprepared businesses. As more than a quarter* of all cyber-attacks involve insiders, who are hard to guard against, monitoring and identifying unknown threats within the perimeter is a necessity to obtain full control. Wehowsky.com enables you to defend computer networks against advanced cyber-attacks carried out by both insiders and outsiders. Join us and take part in a new technological approach which enables you to identify possible threats.

Business opportunities within IT security

With our cost-effective solutions wehowsky.com enables businesses of all sizes to upgrade their IT-security to the highest level. Securing computer networks are increasingly becoming an important task in small and medium sized business, as they are often unprepared. Whether you want to increase the security level of SME’s or on enterprise level network security solutions, wehowsky.com offers the solution.

Flexible and cost-effective solutions

wehowsky.com’s products are easy to install, use and maintain in all kinds of networks including on-premises, hosting environments and cloud-solutions, offering both physical and virtual sensors. Our multi-tenant solution enables you to optimize the utilization of our sensors. In other words, we enable the economies of scale. At wehowsky.com we are agile, take your feedback into consideration in the development of our products, and deliver tailored solutions fulfilling the specific needs of your networks and customers.

Made in Denmark

wehowsky.com is headquartered in Denmark, one of the most digitized and interconnected countries in the world, making it the ideal place to develop innovative cyber security solutions. As a partner of wehowsky.com you do not only get access to the newest and most innovative cyber security solutions, but also to some of the world’s best cyber security experts. We help you regain control of your computer networks.

A favorable partnership

At wehowsky.com a partnership is more than a economic benefit, as we want to enable you to offer the highest standards within cyber security to your customers. Therefore the partner benefits range from technical support, education, joint marketing materials, extended incident response to access to new products and features before official release. Start a partnership with wehowsky.com today and learn more about our products and partnership advantages.

Get rid of the uncertainty – find out who’s in your networks

  • Fight tomorrows cyber threats in real time with cutting edge machine learning
  • Prevent cyber-attacks immediately
  • Fight insider threats, novel attacks and malicious behavior
  • Service solution with no up-front costs (OPEX)
  • Cost effective
  • GDPR – Use MUNINN to secure networks and as a SIEM for reporting in case of data breaches.
*) Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon. https://www.verizonenterprise.com/verizon-insights-lab/dbir/


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Become a partner and enable your customers with MUNINN to actively fight against cyber attacks and to gain insight and regain control.

We bring a complete new breed of efficient network security solutions to the market to leverage the IT security level for all types of businesses and organizations. I want our partners to share that passion for top quality IT-security and to take part in the quest for innovationAndreas Wehowsky – Founder & CEO.
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