Get rid of the uncertainty. Regain control of your network.

Woden Vision is a new generation of sensors that detect cyber threats in computer networks. We provide both physical and virtual network sensors, covering small and larges offices, data centers and the cloud. Firewalls and anti-virus software are often incapable of detecting intruder’s network communication, once they have compromised a network. Cover the missing link in your company’s security setup by installing a MUNINN network sensor and start detecting threats now.

Find and address the cyber attacks that weren’t visible to you before – now more efficiently than ever

MUNINN is a physical network appliance that captures network packets in real time, and utilizes unsupervised machine learning to establish a baseline of any given network.
From the baseline, MUNINN identifies anomalies and scores these using probabilistic models, before delivering them to the MUNINN Dashboard as notifications.

Installs into the local area network at the main switch via a TAP or SPAN/Mirror port. Receives copies of network packets to monitor traffic both internally and traffic flowing to/from the internet. The installation usually takes less than an hour. Does not interfer or interrupt network traffic.
See the results immediately after installation.

MUNINN Advantages

  • Adaptive and self-learning. No rules or manual configuration required.
  • Fully automated real-time discovery of anomalies.
  • Probabilistic anomaly analysis, estimating the likelihood of being malicious
  • Passive – does not affect your network performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • No up front costs – offered as a service

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MUNINN Dashboard

The MUNINN Dashboard empowers your employees to gain insight into the previously unknown, complex network space by visualizing the network and surroundings, providing statistics, reports and alerting in case of found anomalies. We enable you to regain an overview of your network, and regain control.

Cloud Platform

Sensor notifications and alerts can optionally be pushed automatically to our cloud platform as well. You can choose to have security analysts to actively monitor your notifications and help you to deter an ongoing attack or conduct forensics.

MUNINN Dashboard Features

  • Network graph depicting subnets and nodes
  • Network asset overview, listing servers, clients (desktop/laptops), devices(smartphones, tablets) and their software and OS
  • Detailed statistics of network traffic: ports, protocols, services
  • World map, visualizing traffic with each country, and lists of top hosts and domains.
  • Detailed notifications and alerts
  • Meta-data search and raw data extraction
  • Reports

What MUNINN finds

MUNINN finds a wide spectrum of cyber threats ranging from simple or severe software and network vulnerabilities, to abnormal user behavior to advanced persistent threats (APT) over longer periods of time. Examples are:

  • Abnormal user behavior, such as data breaches and exfiltration from within a network, e.g. large file transfers to a remote server
  • Access to a database server and other services outside normal working hours
  • Newly introduced services in the network, e.g. an SMTP or FTP file server
  • Botnets
  • Malware
  • Tor activity and communication through dark nets
  • APT, including remote access toolkits communicating with foreign command and control entities over time.