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AI-powered Cyber Security

The MUNINN AI Platform defends your organization against unknown cyber-threats.

Trusted to protect critical infrastructure, MUNINN is a self-learning cyber-AI that autonomously detects and responds to novel threats.

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on MUNINN to detect and stop the most sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time.

Self-learning Cyber Defense


MUNINN sees what others miss – from zero-days to ransomware attacks.


FREKI fights back against cyber-attacks in seconds – without disrupting IT-operations. Provides 24/7 protection when your team cannot react fast enough.

MUNINN AI protects companies around the world

Try MUNINN AI today for free
for 30 days with no commitment

Most organizations find genuine cyber threats or latent vulnerabilities within the 30-day Proof of Value. During the test period, MUNINN will help your organization harden the network and identify potential threats.

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