MUNINN: Built by engineers from MIT, DTU and the Danish
Ministry of Defense

Thousands of attacks happen every day due to insufficient and outdated cyber defense systems. MUNINN detects and defends your network using artificial intelligence to fight unknown cyber attacks.

Easy to install. Easy to use. Cost effective.

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Why you need

Rise in cyber threats

There are an ever increasing amount of devices connected to the internet. Cyber crimes are on the rise and hacking has never been cheaper, stealthier, faster or more profitable than now.

Every device is a possible target

Computers are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes – as do the threats of tomorrow. No wall stops the creative hacker.

Your firewall is not enough

Security software of the future needs to react faster and work much more intelligently to address new unknown threats as they unfold.

You could
be next

Did you know that more than 50% of all cyber attacks target small/medium businesses?

Start your free trial and see the immediate resultsStart your free trial and see the immediate results
More than 90% of our trial customers choose MUNINN after the free proof of value

Get rid of the uncertainty. Regain control of your network.​

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and satisfaction

MUNINN Service Packages

The MUNINN sensor is offered as a service with no up front costs.

We offer a variety of service packages to fit the needs from small to larger businesses and organizations.



MUNINN sensor hardware installation and rental


Initial network security assessment by experts


Automatic software updates including latest threat intelligence


Monitoring threat notifications via cloud platform by analysts

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Beat the creative hacker of tomorrow.

Regain control with MUNINN.