Intelligent Cyberthreat Defense is a Danish Cybersecurity Company that empowers businesses with intelligent sensor technology to fight cyberthreats and regain control and visibility in their networks. 

Cybersecurity Start-Up of the Year & Award for Excellence in Threat Detection​ 2017​

“We were fascinated by how the artificial intelligence learns the normal behavior in the network, and how MUNINN detects and reports abnormal behavior and threats – furthermore at a cost effective price.” 
Horten / Leading Danish Law Firm

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Rise in cyber threats

There are an ever increasing amount of devices connected to the internet. Cyber crimes are on the rise and hacking has never been cheaper, stealthier, faster or more profitable than now.
The world has changed

Computers are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes – as do the threats of tomorrow.


Better cyber defense

Security software of the future needs to react faster and work much more intelligently to address new unknown threats as they unfold.
You could be next

Did you know that more than 50% of all cyber attacks target small/medium businesses?

Easy to install. Easy to use. Cost effective.


From the product line WODEN VISION

Originating from Norse mythology, Muninn was a raven that could oversee everything and convey essential information to Odin (Woden). Likewise, Muninn today is a next generation intelligent network sensor appliance that in real time processes all packets in a computer network, which would otherwise be incomprehensible for a human being. Using the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is able to learn the baseline and patterns of your network and thereby immediately identify anomalies and cyber threats.

It is Woden Vision.

Find and address the cyber attacks that weren’t visible to you before – now more efficient and cost effective than ever. Read more about MUNINN.

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