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Artificial Intelligence has fundamentally changed the task of safeguarding critical digital infrastructures. Armed with the MUNINN AI-Platform, security teams now have the tools to neutralize even the most advanced persistent threats.




Cyber-criminals incessantly initiate attacks that evade legacy, signature-based solutions. MUNINN uses AI to identify and respond to novel as well as pre-identified threats ­– before they become a crisis for your organization.

MUNINN is a self-learning technology that uncovers unusual traffic patterns across the entire digital infrastructure. By identifying subtle changes in the organization’s normal network behaviors, it can pinpoint potential cyber-attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

FREKI Responds

Security teams are working harder than ever to regain control of their digital estate. Today’s cyber-threats are sophisticated, fast-moving, and devastating. With digital business infrastructure getting more complex, human teams cannot respond to attacks fast enough.

The MUNINN Platform’s autonomous response technology, FREKI, uses AI to instantly mount the most effective response to cyber-threats.

Because MUNINN autonomously learns normal network behaviors and has a highly developed understanding of your organization’s legitimate traffic patterns, FREKI can respond to novel threats that have never been seen before – buying security teams the time they need to catch up.

MUNINN Endpoint

MUNINN Endpoint harnesses the data generated by the client devices on your network, helping security teams identify the exact processes and applications that initiated the unusual and potentially malicious activities displayed in the MUNINN dashboard.  

By learning from rich data sets gathered from client devices and collating it with server and network data, MUNINN Endpoint finds the root cause of an emerging cyber-attack – achieving even more precise threat investigations and time savings for security teams.

Cloud & SaaS Coverage

The cloud in all its various forms is often unfamiliar territory for traditional security teams, and traditional security tools and practices are either not applicable to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, or too slow or siloed to defend these environments against advanced attacks.


While cloud-native security solutions can often help with compliance and log-based analytics, their limited scope and reliance on rules and signatures means that they fail to detect novel threats and subtle insiders at an early stage.


MUNNIN AI seamlessly integrates with major SaaS applications and cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Office 365.

The technology also integrates with SIEM dashboards, SOC and SAC environments, helping security teams augment their cyber capabilities without changing existing workflows.